Entrepreneur Profile: Meet Doris Ngum, a community transformation missionary and activist, Visionary and Founder of Royalty World

“I believe when you live a life committed to being led, you will be directed to the right resources, the right networks and right opportunities. When you find your mission, dig deep, refuse to be shallow, educate yourself in that area, research, study, learn and learn again to become excellent and skilled at it”. These are words from Mme Doris Ngum during an interview with Hovareigns. Read her full story  below:

Tell us about yourself
I am Doris Ngum; a community transformation missionary and activist, Visionary and Founder of Royalty World
Royalty World A faith based grassroots organization that focuses on promoting social change through a holistic transformation from within.
Our vision is to see Socio-Economically flourishing communities with functional families that are founded in Christ.
We believe our mission is fourfold; to envision, empower, equip and engage community members towards social change through advocacy, transformational leadership and social Entrepreneurship.
We accomplish these through several projects and platforms;
  • The royalty Business Breakfast
  • The Bolifamba Community Transformation Project
  • The Transformation Leadership Academy
I am also an Entrepreneurship coach at the Higher Institute of Management Studies
(HIMS Buea).
I am country Representative of Rinoo Cameroon, a Belgian social Enterprise with a mission to restore human dignity through social entrepreneurship with particular interest in livestock Agriculture and Fashion.
1. What Motivates you?
My motivation is my love for people because of Christ’s love for me, I have a burning desire to see prosperous communities and I firmly believe we don’t lack resources, all we need is within us and we just need the right education to discover and properly utilize our natural and human resources. We need to awaken to our true identity and actively engage in transforming our natural resources into tangible wealth. I believe what I do is a calling. The Lord has called and ordained me to lead transformation in communities.
2. What are your unique values?
I love people, I see the best in all men, I believe there are no bad people, there are only people who don’t know their real identity and operate at a lower level of thinking and the result is wrong behavior. I see potential even in those others have rejected and I make it my personal mission to leave everyone I meet transformed because they can see treasures in them they did not see before, especially the youths. I love the Lord and I live to allow Christ to be revealed through me in every way.
3. What are you hustle habits?
I read a lot; I live a lifestyle of prayer, about everything no matter how small. I am very quick to act (sometimes I need people around me to slow me down). When I believe in something no one can stop me, when I am clear I go for it with just one option in mind; success! I don’t believe in or see limitations, if something is inspired by God it’s possible in spite of challenges, if you don’t quit.
4. How do you push through your worst times?
Intimacy with God is my place of assurance. I read a lot. I am grounded in the truth that all I need is within me, I am the solution to all I face, I don’t blame others for my mistakes even if others were involved. I go within and pray, listen and have heart to heart talks with loved and trusted friends. I know that all I face is temporal so I keep focused and courage myself to get up and keep going trusting the Lord to see me through.
5. Can you describe a time when you thought you hit rock bottom?
I felt like my world had come to an end when I got pregnant out of wedlock. That has never been my dream in fact I prayed against it because I saw girls loose direction in Mile 16 when they got pregnant and had babies with no fathers around. I criticized them and thought they were reckless. When I got pregnant I suddenly had compassion for these girls, I fought with depression, disappointment and a sense of low self-esteem, but that was what birth Royalty World. God started teaching me about my identity and made me see I am Royalty and could not be defined by my past and external circumstances. This long journey inward motivated me to help other young women discover their identity and live beyond shortcomings.
6. Has there been any failures that made your life better?
Oh so many. I have made big time mistakes one of them is starting Royalty World full time without proper initial on ground research. That has costed us a lot in time wasted and also a wastage of resources; mistakes we could have prevented if I took more time to transition from my full time job to fulltime social Entrepreneurship.
7. You have any steps or events that transformed your life?
Certainly the bold step to return to Cameroon after almost a decade abroad, that changed everything about me. My way of thinking, my level of compassion, my appreciation for our huge natural resources and above all my depth of knowledge in who I am as a son of God in Christ. My life has drastically changed, but it all started when I got pregnant out of wedlock and today I reach out to other young women to give them hope, to help them restore their dignity.
8. Do you believe there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming successful?
I really don’t believe in formulae, my conviction; especially in this day and time when there is so much pressure to perform from social media. Just be the best you. I have learned to live a life that is led by the spirit of God and not purpose driven. I believe the first step is to have clarity of purpose, why are you here?
Secondly, lean totally on the Lord to direct your every step and take action even when it does not make sense, trust Christ in you, trust your inner witness and be your best cheer leader. I believe when you live a life committed to being led, you will be directed to the right resources, the right networks and right opportunities. When you find your mission, dig deep, refuse to be shallow, educate yourself in that area, research, study, learn and learn again to become excellent and skilled at it.
9. Any Inspirational quote or motivational statement that keeps you going?
This quote guides everything I do
The Lord works from the inside out. The world works from the outside in. the world would take people out of the slums. Christ takes slums out of people, and then they take themselves out of the slums. The world would mold men by changing their environment. Christ changes men, who then change their environment. The world would shape human behavior, but Christ has changed human nature”. (Ezra Taft Benson)
1. The Royalty Business Breakfast:
The Royalty Business Breakfast is a Christian business networking event designed to inspire and equip market place ministers for transformational entrepreneurship
Why RBB: we inspire a visionary missionary mindset, we challenge entrepreneurs to grow spiritually, mentally and equip them to lead transformation in their communities through Business. It’s a platform to network with potential business partners. It’s an opportunity for deep personal development. We exhibit local innovative products and services.
2. The Bolifamba Community Transformation Project:
Our goal is to “transform Bolifamba into an Urban Socio-economic flourishing community with functional families by equipping and engaging 300 transformational leaders and entrepreneurs by 2026.”
Why the project: The question is; can we change our communities by ourselves? We believe yes! The Bolifamba project challenges community members to change their mindset from dependence to visionary-missionary leadership way of thinking. We advocate from change by a transformation inside out. We inspire visions, we provoke action and equip leaders and the outcome is transformational Entrepreneurship for sustainable development. We are building the community as we transform one heart at a time.
i. Restore Her Dignity Campaign:
Equip 1000 girls across 10 Communities with Menstrual Health Hygiene Education, transformational Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Skills Development. Gender Inclusive health talks with boys. We offer them a menstrual health hygiene pack of 6 reusable sanitary pads and washing power.
Why the project: To address improper menstrual health hygiene management and in so doing reduce the rate of unwanted teenage pregnancies in crisis times, by giving 1,000 young girls access to 6000 reusable Sanitary cloth across 10 communities in the Northwest and South West Regions, accompanied by a one day workshop
ii. Scholarship program
iii. Royalty Farms (Poultry farming and pepper cultivation)
iv. Rinoo Projects (Livestock and Fashion/ pads production)
v. Bolifamba Cooperative Credit Union
3. Transformation Leadership Academy:
This is an annual intensive retreat to empower, equip, and engage youths as community transformation leaders. For 3 days, we create an inspirational and fun environment and the youths are coached and mentored by the finest transformational leaders, and sharpened in the company of like-minded peers, there after released to a 9 months incubation program for the development of their ideas.
WHY TLA?: community transformation is a product of personal transformation, TLA brings together potential community leaders and entrepreneurs for a 3day retreat from equip them with leadership and entrepreneurial skills, inspiring them to create ventures that will contribute to the development of their respective communities, we inspire our community to tap into their potential and use their unique talents to drive social change through social Entrepreneurship
4. The Leadership and Visionary Citizenship Institute:
This program engages schools, churches, communities, organizations and businesses, through trainings & coaching sessions, movies and cartoon production, prints, arts, songs, TV & Radio programs for nation building.

Contact: www.royaltyworld.org

FB: Royalty world

Tel No: 680004950 / 691187655

Email: royaltyservices14@gmail.com.

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