We are no strangers to the limitations and setbacks faced on a day to day bases by entertainment stakeholders who put in their best to keep us entertained; put yourself in the shoes of a movie producer, a song writer/singer, guitarist, D.J, actor, dancer and many other players in this field, how do you feel if a project you put in your best effort to produce is rejected by your boss or sponsor? Bad right? The above mentioned people are also human with emotions, don’t think pain doesn’t apply to them so before you criticize someone’s hard work, just think twice.

 I have been so bothered by this that I thought to ask Fale Kingsley Noni (CEO of NoniWhite Wears and entrepreneur) and Sir Dulafe Valery Tata (Radio/TV personality and Commercial Model) who responded:

Mr. Fale Kingsley Noni said:

 the Support your own theory isn’t what it seems in the Cameroon Entertainment Industry, it is still a baby slogan reason being that no one actualizes and follow it up as should be. You cant have “support your own” in a country where people support a certain group of musicians and completely hate another; the support not being collective deviates the energy from what it should be.

He is of the opinion that the Cameroon entertainment industry is very small yet we are already dividing ourselves into cliques, gangs and all; we need to have a strong fan base that supports and pushes what ever we do “…I don’t stand against critics because criticizing is good but we face more criticism than appreciation. I always take examples from Ghana and Nigeria because they are doing an amazing job, they share what ever thing they do so criticism can come from outside.

I didn’t say you can’t criticize what your brother does but it shouldn’t be so much more than your appreciation.”

He emphasized on how tough it will be for this mentality to be dissolved because of the little success many get because of this. He hopes solidarity and love will pave the way.

Meanwhile Sir Dulafe Valery Tata had a completely different stand bringing out the importance of the support your own theory in the growth of any entertainment industry with reference to its successes in neighboring Nigeria and South Africa in the film and music sectors;

 “…there are some things only acceptable to Nigeria…they impose 90% to be consumed in that way many people get acquainted with their home-based stars...’.

He went further to state that:

 “cliques aren’t bad, what ,makes them bad is the Cameroonian concept that has attributed cliques ‘conflict groups’ than competition enhancers for positive growth which shouldn’t be the case because the entertainment industry is ‘clique-wise’ and cliques should be used to better the works of another person.

The support your own theory will work wonders if we practice it as we preach; as a fan of both JOVI and STANLEY ENOW you shouldn’t allow yourself to be forced to choose between Mboko Gang and King Kong Gang nor a fan of Syndy Emade’s movies not like and support Stephanie Tum’s movies. ”

Our diversity is more of an advantage than a disadvantage yet we allow external influence to cloud and corrupt our reasoning and program in us the kind of confusion that stopped the construction of the tower of babel. We are first Human before we are Cameroonian, let’s really support our own and we shall go great lengths!

It is left to us the media to spread awareness and awaken the real Support within this industry.

Abel Bongyu for Hovareigns

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