L’Axe Lourd: The Movie – Get to know Elvis Achiri who plays Nwana Payne

Meet Elvis Achiri aka F KING who plays Nwana Payne in the movie L’Axe Lourd, a highly skilled military agent who was handed the responsibility to protect a valuable object against all odds. Elvis Achiri Njwe popularly known as F KING is a USA based Cameroonian Movie producer, Actor, Music Video Director, DOP, Editor, Colorist, Action Choreographer & cofounder of Cameroon’s leading videography company Cameroon Phase Of Entertainment – CPE. Born on July 24th 1984 in the South West Region (precisely Kumba) into a blended family of 13; first son for his mother and second for his dad.

With several siblings looking up to him, Elvis Achiri naturally developed the instincts of a leader and protector with a great sense of responsibility as a teenager. From GSS Kosala – Kumba, he moved to Buea to live with his mother and eventually dropped out of school due to financial constraints. As a school dropout, Elvis Achiri got his hands busy; he worked as a bricklayer for a few years to support his siblings, saved some money which he used to enroll into a professional school (Cameroon Opportunities Industrialization Center – COIC) where he grabbed a diploma in industrial welding. While in the profession he joint a karate club in Douala in a bit to ignite his long time passion for martial arts and movies.

Elvis Achiri:- “I was still a kid when I watched the movie ‘Big Boss’ by Bruce Lee (OBM). That movie inspired me so much that I vowed to one day become a great actor / movie maker just like Bruce” 2011, Elvis Achiri made his movie debut, featuring in a long list of short films including; Caesar which was awarded Best Short Film at Articity Short Film Fest in Cameroon, Amigo, Yes Dark Cloud, Migration, What About Love, etc. before moving to the USA to refine the craft and take the dream further. With over 15 years of experience in video/movie making, a great mastery of karate / action movie choreography and incredible acting skills, Elvis Achiri has proven to be an asset on movie sets in front of and behind the camera.

“L’Axe Lourd” is a dream come through for me not because I’m a cofounder of CPE or Transparent Studios; I’ve spent years of my life laying a solid foundation, solidifying the pillars and raising the walls. L’Axe Lourd just comes to roof it all. A great story and a 100% Cameroonian cast who have invested their souls in the project. I see this movie breaking boundaries we never believed could be broken and opening doors we never thought could be opened”. L’Axe Lourd Movie Teaser is currently available on YouTube (Link in comment section ?).

Enjoy and stay tuned for more big announcements and of course the official release date. A Transparent Studios Production Directed by Dr. Nkeng Stephens


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