New Bell Music star girl Reniss reveals some intriguing secrets in a tweet conversation with fans

Fans got to know New Bell’s jewel to the core through an intimate Twitter question and answer session with the hash tag #AskReniss where you could ask the star any question you fancied and she’d quote your tweet with a reply. I kept the tweets as original as possible so you feel the connection.



Fans: When is your birthday | how old are you?

Reniss: 24th April|32

Fan: Which part of Cameroon are you from|what’s your tribe/village?

Reniss: NW Region|Mankon

Fan: How many EPs and albums do you have?

Reniss: 2 albums and 5 Eps.

Fan: What’s your favorite @RENISS song?

Reniss: Damn, hard to choose

Fan: Are you your own song writer? If not who is?

Reniss: Yes, most of the times, but it doesn’t stop me from singing a song another composer has written. It’s always a pleasure.

Fan: Si tu pouvait faire un featuring avec l’artiste de ton choix, qui serait’il?

Reniss: Rosalia

Fan: Which South African artist would you like to work with?

Reniss: Bucie

Fan: Fan de toutes tes coiffures, D’ou viens l’inspi? As tu un catalogue?

Reniss: Mon equipe et moi faisons beaucoup de recherche et comme nous visons a valoriser notre culture Africain, nous remontons parfois aux annees 60s, 70s, 80s… etc pour un caractere unique. Catalgue? Biensur.

Fan: What’s your inspiration?

Reniss: My environment, friends, family, fans and life in general.

Fan: Any projects we should watch out for

Reniss: Yes, I have a couple coming.

Fan: Other videos from the NZO album coming our way?

Reniss: Don’t think so… we instead have more projects coming your way.

Fan: pensez-vous que les Artistes Camerounais sont reconnu à leur juste talent, si non, what has to be done?

Reniss: Certains le sont, d’autres non, mais nos artistes au Cameroun, nous avons encores beaucoup de travail à faire. Certains entre nous font du single et nous oublions que nous devons avoir un catalogue en tant qu’artiste.

Fan: Who is your favorite African artist?

Reniss: JOVI

Fan: How many languages do you speak?

Reniss: 4 for now

Fan: How many languages/dialects do you use in #NZO? How was the learning process?

Reniss: Nzo has 5 languages..the learning process was interesting, especially with hausa, it took me 6hours to memorize 8lines and it was worth it.

Fan: I really liked commando how did it come about?

Reniss: It came from the heart, real life experience. I wrote this song few years back due to a distant relationship experience. I sang the melody to my producer and he was down with it, so we made a song out of it.

Fan: Sur ton morceau Miracle, tu dévoile tes qualités comme chanteuse Gospel. How religious are you and should we expect more gospel music from you?

Reniss: I can only tell you I believe in God and will always feel privilege to worship Him.

Fan : Qu’est-ce qui vous a amené à faire les choix artistiques que vous avez eu pour le dernier album qui sort tout droit des années 70-80?

Reniss: Au fils de temps, certains d’entre nous oublient notre culture et nos racines. Faire l’album “NZO” a été pour moi l’occasion de valoriser notre culture et de rappeler aux gens combiens il est important de connaitre ses racines et de rester toujours connecte.

Fan: Who are some of the artists you are working with?

Reniss: It’s a secret…

Fan: When are you dropping the song with PhillBill?

Reniss: 2021

Fan: Why don’t you collaborate with other musicians except for those in New Bell Music?

Reniss: Well I do and more to that, I have to feel the connection. Collaboration is not a strategy in my world but a connection; a vibe. I have to feel that connectivity; it’s very important for me.

Fan: Why hasn’t it been possible seeing you on a collaboration with some female artists like Daphne, Blanche Bailly and more

Reniss: Cuz we haven’t done it yet

Fan: Why haven’t you done any international collabo?

Reniss: Working on it

Fan: Which artists frequent your playlist (local and foreign)

Reniss: Annie Anzouer, Tata, Jovi, Jhene Aiko, Wizkid, Rosalia… the list long eh

Fans: Apart from music what do you do to gain your life?

Reniss: Designs

Fan: Apars la musique quel est ton passetemps?

Reniss: J’adore dessiner, concevoir des tenues est devenu une chose pour moi ces derniers temps, j’aime aussi cuisiner et parfois me tresser les cheveux aussi.

Fan: would you like to have a rich man for a boyfriend or a poor man?

Reniss: Already have a man. Love cannot be categorized though, Love a man for who he is (for being himself) not for money plz.

Fan: We would like to know who your guy is.

Reniss: we decided to keep it private

Fan: What’s your favorite sex position?

Reniss: Doggy style

Fan: Can you dance?

Reniss: Yes bruh!

Fan: What’s your favorite food to cook?

Reniss: Fufu and eru

Fan: When are you dropping the Next Big Thing?

Reniss: anytime soon.

Fan: Bonsoir la plus belle, just to know, are you a mum already?

Reniss: Not yet.

Fan: Are you engaged to any?

Reniss: Not yet but committed to one.

Fan: Your favorite football team?

Reniss: Indomitable lions

Fan: What is your hidden talent?

Reniss: Do you have one? Will love to know, cuz mine is not hidden.

Fan: African Queen what made love and decide to build a career in music?

Reniss: I was singing I my mother’s belly even before I could talk, I didn’t decide to build a career, music has always been part of me.

Fan: Who knows you the best?

Reniss: Close friends, relatives.

Fan: do you think they will be another version of you in the future music generation?

Reniss: Sure. There was, before me… and there will be, after me. Life is a cycle.

Fan: what musicians influenced you growing up in the music world?

Reniss: the list long oh; most of us grew up listening to what our parents used to play at home… so it’s a list of variety.

Fan: …Dans mami Nzo et Daddy Nzo, que signifient les paroles, je trouve les skits magnifiques, surtout Mami Nzo mais personne qui pourrait les traduire.

Reniss: Mami Nzo dit;

“Nous devrions travailler avant de mangernsi nous voulons rester heureux dans la vie”.

Daddy Nzo dons les conseils à sa fille qui est sur le point de commencer une nouvelle vie. Il dit “Nous devrions être gentils, sociables et toujours reconnaissants.

Fan: what is one message you would give to your fans?

Reniss: stay true to yourself and don’t forget you are the only entrepreneur of your life.

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