The Cameroon Music Evolution Awards has been announced

In the ever changing world of music, Evolution is the springboard that brings forth change and ushers in consistency. Cameroon music in the last 50 years has passed through several stages and various forms. The evolution of Cameroon music over the years has seen changes in its distribution, the music business structure and its overall presentation. With these various stages, there has also been a lot of miscommunication, misrepresentation and gross loss of Cameroon music data. In this vein, we came up with a system to preserve and protect the next generation and past generation of Cameroon’s musical heritage. This gave birth to the CAMEROON MUSIC EVOLUTION

The Cameroon Music Evolution Award (CMEA) is organized to showcase, celebrate and appreciate the best, distinct and original Cameroonian sound; encompassing all musical genres from different generations. The concept of the award is one of a kind as it does not only award exceptional talent but also gives them the opportunity to move their career a little further through our Music Festival, prizes, networking and sensitization events and award documentary aimed at exporting our musical content. It also seeks to redress the plight of artists and entertainment stakeholders alike.

The award show aims at creating a conducive and serene environment where upcoming and established artists have a free and fair forum to commune. These and more, we believe will shine the light and greatly expose Cameroonian talent in a bid to compete with the international community. We hope to impact the life of Cameroon’s cultural heritage for a healthy, wealthy and productive entertainment environment.

  • Networking and sensitization event
  • Award documentary
  • Press Conference
  • Nomination party
  • Award unveiling event
  • Music Festival Award Show
  • After party  

Objective of the Event:

  • Showcase, celebrate and appreciate the best, distinct and original Cameroonian sound; encompassing all musical genres from different generations
  • Discover and promote exceptional talents in Cameroonians
  • Promote the culture industry
  • Advocate for business in showbiz by encouraging entertainment entrepreneurship
  • Get parents and the elderly involved in music, arts & entertainment
  • Create a conducive atmosphere for interaction and networking with no class distinction amongst artists and music stakeholders
  • Promote love, collaboration and togetherness between artists of all generations.
  • Create a performance platform for established and upcoming artists

It might interest you to know that, this initiative has been in the pipeline for over three years. Within this period, several activities in accordance with the vision, mission and objectives of the award have taken place. Below are highlights of our past accomplishments:

Thank you for your keen attention

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