The importance of product/service exportation in the entertainment industry

Several countries make more money from exporting goods and services than home consumption. This is because products are valued higher by people who do not have them. Just like cocoa, coffee, timber, rice, gold, diamond, banana, corn, mushrooms, beans just to name a few, good music has more value in the global market than it does nationally.

The dream of most businesses is to attend a global status where not just their country know, value and consume their product but the world at large. This kind of milestone is achieved only if what you have is unique, valuable, can solve a real societal need and stand competition.

Similarly, there are products and services that will never break national boundaries. Maybe because they are customarily produced for home production with strict exportation restrictions or they are not original enough to attract foreign clients. Sometimes government policies are put in place to discourage importation in order to encourage home consumption. However, if the country in question is not strong in the tertiary sector, this move can kill more than it can heal.

We need the growth;

We need the love and respect;

We need the figures to keep growing;

We need the recognition and valorization.

We also need to work hard, send out products/services that can stand foreign competition; properly market our products and services to gain global market space so that positive vibration from a wider market can provoke national supremacy.

They say a prophet is never accepted in his home town but when the prophet becomes a global treasure, his home town becomes proud and everyone sees the need to identify with him.Collective effort, support and hard work will go a long way to make things better.


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