Top Ten Monthly Bangers

?Top TEN Monthly Bangers?
Welcome to Hovareigns Entertainment today ?. The Cameroon music scene (your music scene) has been vibrant with many tunes this past month and we decided to bring you a few that made it to our “Top Ten” of the month!
Let the countdown begin;

10) Phillbill – La Clé : taking his dedication to Cameroonian sound very serious, Phillbill is making his taste stick to everyone’s mouth.

9) Rinyu ft @Muss – Ama Fallin : both Akumba Music signees, they come together on this piece with a “Rinyu” vibe. Song is loved by both a Cameroonian and foreign crowd.

8) ASKIA ft Mr. Leo – Artist – Ngar Ma : Mami Bakala as she is fondly called refreshes the minds of the nation to the ongoing suffering brought by Arms. The Lion of Africa supports her through correlating native lyrics.

7) Loic Sumfor ft @Percutie – Déjà Vu : nothing much to say about the young talent except that this song is a hit and the ladies love it ☺️.

6) LYDOL – Wayo Wayo : a lady with a charming smile, Lydol knows just which song to release from her arsenal at the best moments. (Kudos to her team) .

5) Blanche Bailly ft @Joe Boy – Mine : bringing Nigeria and Cameroon together, these two fuse into each other’s vibe till you can’t differentiate the two.

4) Cysoul – Je Tombe Aussi : from his charismatic appearance to his sweet melodious melange of afrotunes, you would call Cysoul the love doctor .

3) GOMEZ OBA ft Vivid, Manefrieni – Woman : every man likes a woman because the reception of this track is proof of that. Gomez took a right angle.

2) Stanley Enow ft @Scott Storch – Parapariparo : has there ever been a “King Kong” track that didn’t make waves? Definitely not this one as it has become a street anthem.

1) Asaba Official – Mon Bébé : this is a track that has gone from the feet of mount Fako to lake Chad, to Europe, Asia and America making waves and leaving happy memories everywhere. Congratulations for having our top spot Asaba and congratulations to your team at @starfish entertainment.

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