Music Business Sensitization & Networking event organized by Cameroon Music Evolution – insights & benefits.

In an ever-changing entertainment world filled with information and counter information, getting appropriate skills and knowledge has never been this difficult. The music business is constantly changing as new elements are brought in and the old elements are disregarded and updated. In the past few years, Cameroon has seen a major boom in its entertainment eco system, there has been the rise of several domains to accompany music entertainers such as managers, Public Relations Officers, Event Planners, Bloggers etc. in light of this, there has been a mad rush for talent acquisition but however, the required knowledge to effectively move in one accord has been very challenging; until now.

The Cameroon Music Evolution decided to bring together the very best in the art of music business to teach and train the public on the ethics that govern music distribution. The event which took place at Hotel Prince des Galles Akwa Douala on Friday October 23rd 2020 brought together the following personalities:

  • Clarisse Ndinge-CEO Beta Media
  • Jas B – West2corp
  • Davy Lessouga- President Believe Digital
  • Eva Ndumbe –  Sony Africa Rep
  • Fon Felix (PR and Entertainment strategist) – Kamerlink  
  • ATome Bloggeur – CEO Voila Moi Consulting
  • Smith Mofor – Notary of the Cameroon and Nigeria Bar Association.

A host of very important topics were discussed that patterns to the general overview of the music business. Some of these topics included:

  • Attracting the right investment
  • Music and media
  • How to grow a fan base while choosing the right team
  • Licensing, publishing and distribution
  • Creating, packaging and the dissimilation of content through media
  • Blogging and PR, its importance to music growth
  • Entertainment & the law in Cameroon

With an enthusiastic audience which gathered to take home as much as they could, our panelists did a wonderful job at their presentations and slides, moving with ease from one concept to another.

After presentations were finished, we had a word of thanks from the two organs that make up The Cameroon Music Evolution scene, comprising of Denzel Media and Hovareigns Ent. 


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